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Our Story

We are the leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of bed sheets, bed covers, comforter sets, duvet sets, baby sets, top sheets etc. Pan India, Petal Soft is recognized for offering high-quality bed linen products across the bedding industry. Our products are distributed across more than 50 retail stores around the country. We are, in fact, one of the most quality conscious bed sheet manufacturers in Delhi.

We cater to every kind of customer – whether you’re a multi-channel retail store or a bride-to-be looking to decorate her bedroom. If you are looking for wholesale bedsheets online in India, look no further, we have everything you need.

Poonam Kalra – Co-founder (MA)

” I remember starting this business with a team of four in a small room. I have always been inspired by fashion and trends – and even as a child, I would always decorate my bed fancily. My focus has always been on ensuring the highest quality of our products. It’s a proud moment for me whenever our customers are satisfied with our bed linen brands “

Sudhir Kalra – Co-founder (BCom, SRCC | MBA, University of Mumbai)

“Over 23 years, Poonam and I have led the company with the vision of creating a seamless shopping experience for our customers while ensuring the highest quality of our bed linen. From printed bed sheets to embroider bed covers, our focus has been on combining our high quality with affordable prices “